Arsenal defeat Norwich City in the EFL Cup

Arsenal beat Norwich City by a 2-1 score in the EFL Cup to reach the quarter-finals on 24th of October.

The teenager, Edward Nketiah, saved the Gunners in this game by firing one goal before the extra time and one during it.

Norwich opened the score in the 34th minute from Josh Murphy’s effort. It wasn’t the best day for Arsenal’s new goalkeeper, Matt Macey, but he managed to block another incoming dangerous effort from Nelson Oliviera. He met team’s expectations, as his saves were crucial in preventing a devastating loss.

Nketiah scored the decisive goals for the team after he substituted Reiss Nelson. The equaliser saved Arsenal from an instant loss, and as he doubled the score in the 96th minute, it demonstrated that Arsene Wenger made the right decision. He knew that Nketiah can score, and as the end of the game approached, almost 2/3 of Gunners’ team consisted of strikers.

Nketiah started his career at Chelsea and has continued as a part of Arsenal years later. He played in the competitions of Under-18 and Under-19, where he reached some impressive results.

Wenger saw his potential and made the right decision to put him in front. Gunners’ all-time scorer, Thierry Henry expressed that he was happy to see Nketiah score in such an important encounter. He is at the level of a rising star and might show many exciting plays in the near future.

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