Arsenal suffers return defeat against Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich defeated Arsenal with the same 5-1 score as in the first-leg match knocking them out of the Champions League on 7th of March.

Gunners’ hope to overturn the 4-goal lead started to fade quickly after the defender Laurent Koscielny was sent off in the 53rd minute, leaving the home side with a 10-man formation.
They had the advantage before Koscielny was sent off with Theo Walcott’s contribution, who launched the opener in the 20th minute.

The referee, Anastasios Sidiropoulos showed a yellow card firstly after Koscielny fouled Robert Lewandowski, but he changed it to a red one right away, because it became clear that Koscielny didn’t intend to win the ball. Lewandowski stepped on his position and converted the penalty into an equaliser, leaving Gunners again with a 4-goal lead.

The home side’s performance quality dropped fast, letting their opponents to score another 4 goals till the end of the match.

Arjen Robben took over Sanchez’ ball and advanced to double the score. Douglas Costa scored the third one making his way alone toward the home keeper.
It seemed to be the end for making sure about Gunners loss, but Arturo Vidal scored another two goals in the late game-sealing the win with a 1-5 score.

The 2-10 aggregate became the worst loss for any of the English teams in the Champions League history. It will become difficult for Wenger to decide upon his future stay in this team, as many fans have been protesting that they don’t want him to continue managing the club.

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