Austrian Grand Prix: What you should know

Extending through the Styrian mountains the Red Bull Ring is the most scenic circuit of the Grand Prix tournament. The Osterreichring, which hosted the participants in the 70s and 80s has been modified in some aspects. It became shorter, with slower corners. The old Osterreichring had cruelly fast corners, where such stars as Texaco Schikane and Bosch Kurve raced.

If you are ever there, you could still take a walk around the old track, which still maintains the previous century’s air. However, the main track has changed in its major part, with only the Rindt Kurve maintaining its name. The Rindt Kurve from the old days was turning 180-degrees to right, returning the racers on a straight track. The turn remains the best of the track, but now it is more dangerous, which has to be challenged after a sharp downhill. The drivers will have to watch out for this one, as it could trigger incidents for many.

The Red Bull Ring has been modified having some of its impressive aspects removed, however, it remains an impressive track. It has a couple of quick ones in some turns and long straights with slow corners.

The track however still has its specifically dangerous characteristics. In 1987 Mclaren’s Stefan Johansson hit a deer at 180mph killing it on the spot. Johansson remained without any big injuries, however, he said that if that deer was 10 inches to the other side, he would have his head ripped off.

In Salzburg, which is in the near, you could find the Mozart gift shop, where the famous Mozartkugeln are offered, which are dedicated to the famous compositor, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Austria is also the home of the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2015 he was the guest of honour at the Australian Grand Prix.

The track will surely offer some entertaining moments to all participants.

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