Chelsea lose to Manchester City in the Premier League

Manchester City won an away match against the previous Premier League title holders, Chelsea by a 0-1 score on 30th of September.

City had it tough with their missing striker, Sergio Aguero, who had a broken rib due to a recent crash in Amsterdam. However, City managed to stand firmly against Chelsea, and it could be seen not just by the scoreline, but also by their overall possession and creativity.

The winning goal was fired by Kevin de Bruyne from Gabriel Jesus’ pass in the 67th minute. After that, City started to attack more and in fact, were rarely threatened. They could score even the second one with Jesus’ header, however, it was deflected by Antonio Rudiger.

City has previously thrashed such teams as Liverpool and Watford, however, their match against the previous title holders looked otherwise. Chelsea showed a firm defence and could be never brought down by City’s overwhelming efforts. However despite that, they also never looked like a serious threat and whatever may be the case – being drained or mentally unready, it might be a cause for their boss, Antonio Conte, to tackle the issue.

Even without Aguero in this match, City was able to claim an almost easy victory. The presence of the world-class player could have had a bigger impact, but his absence just showed that Pep Guardiola’s side can do great even without some of its key players around.

City remains the leader in the League table with 19 points, while Chelsea stays on the fourth place with 13 points.

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