Chelsea lose to Roma in the Champions League

Chelsea suffered a devastating outcome as they were defeated by Roma in the Champions’ League Group C on 31st of October. They lost by a 3-0 score to Roma and were threatened in the first seconds of the match.

Just 39 seconds after the kick-off, Aleksandar Kolarov crossed to Edin Dzeko who passed to Stephan El Shaarawy to fire a 25-yard shot beyond Chelsea’s keeper.

Chelsea still had the drive as Alvaro Morata tried to equalise, but squandered his opportunity. El Shaarawy was on the height again as he mustered his second goal in the 36th minute.

It became a clear no way when Diego Perotti fired the finisher for Roma in the 63rd minute. Chelsea was dominant in possession, they had more shots, but something was off beat. They even almost conceded another goal but were lucky as Perotti couldn’t successfully execute his effort.

Chelsea’s midfielder N’Golo Kante couldn’t return from his injury, and his absence was greatly felt. When El Shaarawy scored one of the quickest Champions League goals, it became evident that something is missing. While they were trying to close the deficit with multiple shots, they were too spontaneous lacking accuracy to pose a serious threat for Roma.

Roma levelled up in the Group C table, who possess eight points. Chelsea stays on the second by a difference of one point.

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