Chelsea beats Manchester United in the FA Cup final

Chelsea secured the win in the FA Cup final after defeating Manchester United by a 1-0 score. Eden Hazard scored the decisive shot from a penalty in the first half. After United’s defender fouled him, he sealed the win in the 22nd minute.

After the break, United released Romelu Lukaku from the bench, who contributed in game’s escalation. However, United’s efforts have been thwarted, including Alexis Sanchez’ offside goal, and Paul Pogba’s missed target from a free header.

United finished second in the league table, 19 points behind Chelsea. Their FA Cup defeat leaves their manager, Jose Mourinho without a title this season. They have proved to be efficient in their games, but the inconsistency in their style in some of them has dragged them from advancing above this level.

This game has become for Chelsea’s manager, Antonio Conte, the last one in charge for the team. He has achieved the Premier League title last season, and with this match, they have sealed the FA Cup silverware. They finished fifth in the league table, which is most likely the reason behind Conte’s parting.
The fact that he couldn’t offer the club a spot in the top-four remains highly regrettable, as they could have prevented that in their games against Huddersfield and Newcastle. Even though Conte will make his leave due to such results, the fans will remember him as a positive figure in Blues’ history.

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