England defeat Slovakia in the World Cup qualifier

England emerged victorious in a tense game against Slovaks defeating them by a 2-1 score in the World Cup qualifier Group F at Wembley on 4th of September. They maintain the lead in their group, with Slovakia being 5 points behind.

It was a dangerous start for England, as Slovakia’s Stanislav Lobotka fired the opener just three minutes after the beginning of the match. The hosts strengthened their defence after this case and never allowed it to repeat again.

Eric Dier approached the hosts 8 minutes before the break, and brilliantly equalised from Marcus Rashford’s strike from the corner. Rashford then went to double the score in the second half, helping England reach their target in maintaining a stable lead in their group.

With this win, England just needs to gain the next victory against Slovenia on 5th of October, to secure at 100% their progression into the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

They will also have to battle away against Lithuania in their last qualifier match, where is not excluded that some surprises may occur. Judging their past experiences, the team will have to give their best and be very careful in the upcoming matches, to not miss any opportunity.

Even if they finish first, England still has a long way to demonstrate their fierceness, as in the qualifying group, there weren’t any real contenders who would seriously stress the top teams. The time will show how much they have improved before their most crucial encounters.

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