Lewis Hamilton sets the pole position at the British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton set the record for the pole positions at Silverstone at five, which equals Jim Clark’s from 1967. If he performs similarly at the upcoming British Grand Prix, Hamilton would set a new unbeaten record in the F1 history.

The Briton finished half a second before Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. Sebastian Vettel finished third, with a gap of 0.75 seconds. Valtteri Bottas was fourth, but he will start ninth due to a penalty, which drops him five places below. His teammate has faced a similar fate at the Austrian Grand Prix, where he had to start on the eighth place instead of third.

Hamilton has missed the F1 demonstration, which occurred in London at the Trafalgar Square on 12th of July. Much criticism was addressed to him, but the Briton commented that he was prepared for his home race as much as he could. And indeed he has shown a top result in the qualifier round.
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen finished fifth and his teammate Daniel Ricciardo was suspended this time due to a turbo failure.

Fernando Alonso ended the fastest after changing his tyres to slick ones. Force India’s Esteban Ocon did the same thing and ended two seconds behind. However, for Alonso, it wasn’t that easy as he faced a 30 place grid penalty because he used too many engine parts. He will start from the bottom.
Spaniard’s teammate, Stoffel Vandoorne managed to qualify in front of Alonso for the first time – on the ninth place.

There have been speculations regarding the Silverstone course. With such fast corners as Copse, many say that it would be flat-out. However, Hamilton doesn’t agree. He said that it could be taken in seventh or eighth gear, but the speed would drop too much, which doesn’t make it flat-out as it has never been before, even with the 2017’s faster cars. Vettel emphasised that the Becketts complex is flat before the last corner, which should be taken in the eighth.

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