Lewis Hamilton wins the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018

After successive collisions on the course, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton managed to finish first in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. His teammate, Valtteri Bottas was in the lead, however, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel took advantage of the safety car period to overtake him.

Before that, Hamilton was chasing Vettel but needed to stop by lap 22 to switch to fresh tyres. As he was back in the race, Bottas and Vettel were racing for first, but not for long. Vettel stopped on lap 28 for fresh tyres, while Bottas remained on the track to wait for a safety car period and overtake him.

The moment came as Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo was on the outside racing against his teammate, Max Verstappen. The Dutchman plunged into his teammate who was on the outside at Turn One. Ricciardo had to let Verstappen pass to prevent a collision. After half of the race, they were in the same situation, but this time the Spaniard made the move. As Verstappen was again on the inside, Ricciardo fixed himself on his teammate’s rear wheels to trigger a spin, which led to another safety car period.

Afterwards, Bottas emerged first, with Vettel on his tail. With four laps left, the German made an error which left him wide allowing Hamilton and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen to overtake him.

Bottas seemed to take the win, but his tyres failed as he drove against the debris that remained from the collision. Hamilton was set to first, with Raikkonen behind and Force India’s Sergio Perez third. Vettel managed to finish fourth followed by Renault’s Carlos Sainz Junior, and Sauber’s debutant, Charles Leclerc.

With the next race, the drivers begin their European session, with their first course in Spain.

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