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Valid: January 2019

There are two things the Germans are well-known for and those things are efficiency and reliability. But who knew that they also enjoy taking chances, and quite a lot for that matter? Bet-at-home, the Austrian-German company that has become one of the most popular in Europe, is the best proof that the renowned German quality and way to do things becomes a truly great asset even when high risks are involved. Founded in 1999, in Austria, the company went online in 2000, focusing on sports betting. Following some sound investments in the next couple of years, bet-at-home dramatically increased in size, becoming a hundred-million-euro business and being listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange after moving all the company’s assets to Düsseldorf, Germany.

The first website launched by the company is the sportsbook, one of the first of its kind. Indeed, in 2000, the Internet betting and gambling business was still in its early stages of development, and bet-at-home’s founders decided that online was the way to go. As such, they actually allowed people to bet at home, with some of the most competitive odds on the European market. The result is that bet-at-home became the number one option of more than 4 million players, with numbers constantly increasing. What’s more, the website has undergone a fair number of upgrades since its inception, showing an unquestionable interest for user experience.

Being the first and the main business of bet-at-home, the sports betting website also accounts for a major part of its profits. In 2015, the gross profit of the betting website alone exceeded €61 million, with predicted numbers for 2016 even higher. This profit came from no fewer than 375.000 events over a range of 25 sports, including football, baseball, boxing, cricket, rugby, basketball, cycling, darts, greyhound racing, floorball, golf, handball, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, pool, snooker, tennis, volleyball, and a couple of other categories like winter sports. The football selection is quite something, covering matches from Germany, Brazil, France, and the UK as well as relatively unknown places such as Ghana. Bet-at-home also offers odds for Rugby Union and Eastern Europe basketball leagues, events that are rarely, if ever, covered by the bigger bookmakers.

The odds are not bad either, as bet-at-home has a betting margin of 6.3%. Not quite close to the strongest on the market, but nonetheless good and expected to drop even lower with the expansion of the company. The minimum bet is €1, with maximum bets depending on the event, and winning caps of €20.000 per bet and €100.000 per week. Live betting is, of course, available, especially when it comes to the more important events. The country coverage is great as well, bet-at-home being available for most of Europe. As far as safety is concerned, bet-at-home is regulated by the Brussels-based European Gambling and Betting Association, so there’s really no reason to be worried about data protection and so on – especially considering the German tradition of well-made things. All in all, a very safe place to risk your money!