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Valid: January 2019

There’s nothing that spells tradition and respectability quite like a business that has been passed down from generation to generation in a single family. There’s nothing that inspires awe more than a business that has gone through many hardships, but in the end, has managed to find its way among the very best. BetVictor, one of the United Kingdom’s top betting and gambling companies, shares both of these characteristics. Launched in 1946, while the country was slowly starting to get back on its feet after the Second World War, BetVictor allowed sad people all over the British Isles and internationally to have some fun and forget about all the bombed buildings and tank trails in their back yards.

In 1974, the founder’s grandson, Victor Chandler Jr. took over the company after his father’s death. This proved to be an enormous step forward; under his management, in the following 30 years, the company reached a fabulous £1 billion in revenue, mostly due to the historical decision of moving the business to Gibraltar, a fiscal paradise that allowed the company to avoid the massive taxes imposed by the UK government. The popularity of the company has also grown due to the various events sponsored, such as the Open Snooker tournament in Wales, and the Victor Chandler Poker Cup. The latter offered some absolutely massive prize pools, with the top prizes of £250.000 and £200.000 during two consecutive years.

Now extended to the online casino games market as well, BetVictor’s forte remains nonetheless bookmaking, and we’re not talking only sports here. Of course, the company does offer sports betting as its main dish. Football, golf, horse racing, ice hockey, American football, tennis and so on are only a few of the most popular sports you can bet on. Among the more specialised activities, you can count Gaelic Football, MMA, UFC, speedway, darts, hurling and other such niche activities, all with some of the best fixed-odds you could ever find on the market. The betting selection is not limited to sports; for desserts, you may toss a coin on whether Donald or Hillary will win the US presidential race, or give your best guess at who will claim the top spot on the TV show The X-Factor. In short, if sports are not really your thing, nothing stops you from betting on adrenaline-rushing political events and so on.

There’s nothing more pleasant than a nice special offer waiting for you on the welcome mat of the club, and here you have it: for your first deposit, you have a 100% matchup bonus, so that you can bet twice for the exact same money. No effort on your behalf is required; just open an account, make your bets and win as much as you can. There’s nothing to stop you but your own level of luck and skill, and what better way to get experience than actually doing the thing? With BetVictor, you can be sure that your money’s safe and your betting experience will always be of the best quality.