Daniel Ricciardo wins the Monaco Grand Prix 2018

Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo finished first in the Monaco Grand Prix, followed by Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. Ricciardo has moved to the third place, 24 points adrift of the second-placed Vettel and 38 below Hamilton.

The Australian went through a trial after losing engine power during the race, but he accomplished what seemed impossible. His pit stop took place on lap 17th, right after Vettel’s. He was comfortably in lead, however, after a while he complained that there is a lack of power in his engine. The team suggested that he shouldn’t allow the rivals find out about the deficiency. The problem consisted in the MGU-K, which is a part of the hybrid system, that manages energy from the rear. This cost him about 25% of engine power.

Ricciardo’s task became to not allow the German to get ahead of him. Presumably, he could maintain the lead, due to players’ careful lapping by about 4-5 seconds less than normal to ensure that their tyres would last.

Vettel was chasing closely the Australian, but he dropped back in the final laps after his tyres wore off. Hamilton was trying to race carefully, as he was assuming that the tyres might not make it until the end. This race played out to be a rather successful one for the Briton.
The next Grand Prix will take place in Canada, where a totally different track awaits. It will be a circuit where Hamilton would excel, however, Honda and Renault might prove to be also a pair of tough contenders.

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