Sebastian Vettel wins the Australian Grand Prix 2018

Sebastian Vettel managed to overtake Lewis Hamilton in the Australian Grand Prix, to gain an unexpected win. Hamilton was leading in the first part of the race having the upper hand with the highest win probability.

However, it all occurred as the safety-car period kicked in. It started with Kevin Magnussen, who was running fourth. He made his pit stop on lap 22, and he had to retire as soon as he was back in the race because the new wheels weren’t placed correctly. Magnussen acted fast and parked his car so that the racers could continue their challenge, however, the same scenario occurred with Haas’ Romain Grosjean two laps after, who remained on the grid as it happened. The safety-car period was activated, and Vettel made a risky gamble with his move which paid off. He made his pit stop during that time, that gained him extra seconds. In the safety-car period, a pit stop takes 10 seconds less than normal, so by the time Vettel was back in the race, it allowed him to continue ahead of Hamilton.

In the end, Hamilton couldn’t overtake Vettel, and finished by 5 seconds behind him. Kimi Raikkonen, who was second until his pit stop in the lap 18, finished third, one second behind Hamilton.
Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo ended fourth behind the Finn. It was also a nice finish for the McLaren team, who had their first race running with Renault engines. Fernando Alonso got the fifth place, while Max Verstappen finished behind him.

Next follows the Bahrain Grand Prix, which will occur on a much different track than this. The racers will have more room for overtaking each other, which will be a great way to see the cars in close combat.


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