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Valid: January 2019

Asian companies have recently started to get a powerful presence on the European market, and Dafabet is one of them. Founded in late 2004, Dafabet is the flagship brand of Asian BGE, one of the largest bookmakers and gambling operators of the Asia-Pacific regions. Owner of another 8 betting and gambling websites besides the three branded under the Dafabet name, Asian BGE boasts over 1000 employees, a pretty good number for an online-only company, and continuously growing assets. Dafabet is developing quite a lot itself, expanding not only in the entire Eastern Asia, but also in a couple of European countries with a tradition in betting.

Dafabet is a popular product in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, and other Asian countries, as well as the United Kingdom, Greece, Poland, and some other places in Europe. This is, obviously, because it provides amazing betting opportunities, but also because it has become sponsor of a couple of well-known teams and events, in particular in football. For instance, the company currently sponsors such football teams as Sunderland AFC, Celtic FC, Everton FC, and Blackburn Rovers FC, as well as the Welsh Premier League. What’s more, they are also sponsoring snooker in the United Kingdom, providing for events like the 2014 World Snooker Championship held in Sheffield. As a sports betting operator, Dafabet has pledged to offer safety in betting, being subject to both the Cagayan Betting Commission in the Philippines and its British counterpart for UK-based operations.

As far as betting opportunities are concerned, Dafabet certainly won’t let you down. It’s true that it doesn’t quite have the largest variety of sports on the market, but it definitely makes up when it comes to sheer number of events covered. While Dafabet only offers around 20 types of sports, the pack includes an astonishing amount of football events, covering all of the world’s major leagues and plenty of the minor ones too. After all, football is world’s number one favourite and it’s pretty popular even in Asia. For those of us who don’t particularly fancy it, Dafabet also offers a couple of other options, including rugby, darts, tennis, motor sports, ice hockey, cricket, and Muay Thai (well, it IS an Asian betting operator, after all, and Muay Thai is renowned for the immense bets placed). There are also a couple of e-sports, including DotA and CS: GO, in case you’re into computer games.

Pretty much like all the best betting operators, Dafabet has a low betting margin, averaging 4.9%, which goes as low as 3.1% for sports such as basketball. It also offers odds in EU and US format, as well as Hong Kong, Indo, and Malay, for those who prefer doing it the Asian way. If you’re tired of the same old European betting way, you have the possibility to try something new right here. There’s also a nice financial incentive for those who want to try something new. Create an account and you’re entitled to a 50% first deposit bonus, up to €80!