What Does a Draw No Bet Mean?

In this post we will learn how the draw no bet works and the pros and cons of choosing this option for your bets.


Draw No Bet Meaning

Quite simply, a ‘draw no bet’ or ‘DNB’ is a type of bet that is offered by bookmakers for events where a draw is possible such as a football match.

Often used in conjunction with accumulators, a ‘draw no bet’ option will mean that if the outcome is a draw, your stake will be returned.

This is a safer bet as there are then only win/lose options and as a result mean that the odds given are lower than if you didn’t choose a draw no bet option. You may see odds for a winning outcome on a football match at 3/1 but only get 2/1 odds if you add a draw no bet condition. Reducing the odds makes perfect sense as the bookmaker is taking on more risk.

Potential Outcomes:

You bet on Liverpool to beat Chelsea but think there could also be a draw. As a result you include a DNB option with reduced odds. Here are the potential outcomes:

  • Win – your bet wins at lower odds and your stake is returned.
  • Draw – as you’ve insured for this outcome your stake is returned.
  • Loss – your bet loses and you lose your stake.

As you can see the outcomes are favourable for you in 2 out of 3 of the situations which is why DNB is so popular in football. You will likely see majorly reduced odds for DNB if the two teams are very closely matched.

Draw No Bet in Accumulators

As you probably know, accumulator bets can produce massive returns from small bets if all the selections come through. They are very popular among football bettors but are unlikey to win due to the extremely small odds of all outcomes coming true. With that being said, draw no bet can be a great option to add to an accumulator bet if you think that some of your selections could result in a draw.

You are able to choose the draw no bet option on each leg of the accumulator so if you think one or two of the legs are likely to end in a draw it would make sense to add DNB, however for outcomes that you are more certain on, you are able to leave DNB off and enjoy higher odds on those outcomes.

Draw no bet can essentially save an entire accumulator bet if one or more selections result in a draw, thus voiding that bet and keeping the accumulator going.


  1. You have chosen to do a 5-fold accumulator bet and have added DNB to the final selection.
  2. 4 out of 5 of your selections come in and you stand to make £700 so far on your accumulator bet from £10.
  3. In your 5th football match the game ends in a draw, but you’ve selected DNB for this.
  4. Your 5-fold acca now becomes a 4-fold and you will collect the £700 plus your £10 stake.
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